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Can I call someone at Tikkety?

We don’t have phone support, but please don’t take this as a lack of interest! We’d love to help you. Many of the answers to your question can be found in this support site. If you still need help after reviewing this content, please send us an email.

How does the Tikkety free trial work?

When you sign-up for your Tikkety free-trial, a unique system is created especially for you with the company logo and details you provide. This will be yours to log tickets and add Customers and Products. After 30 days the trial will expire, and at this point you can either finish your trial, or begin with the monthly payment plan. This makes your trial system, with all data entered a real-life LIVE system, and you can begin supporting your Customers.

How can I buy my Tikkety system?

Get in touch with us at support@tikkety.io, or simply click the link to buy your system via our website. All you need to know is the number of Agent logins and you're ready to go!

How long is a Contract?

Tikkety is supplied on a month-to-month contract. (Refunds are not provided if the contract is ended before the contract end-date).

What's an Agent login?

An Agent in Tikkety is a user login that requires one £5 licence. Agents are members of your team who log and progress tickets, and provide support to your Customers.

Will my data be safe?

Yes. Unlike other Cloud-based helpdesk tools, Tikkety systems are created as unique instances, and not as parts of one parent system. Running in the enterprise grade cloud MS Azure, your Tikkety helpdesk is locked-down and access is controlled entirely by you.

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