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Just the ticket

The small business cloud helpdesk for customer support

Hosted with Microsoft Azure

Up and running in under 2 mins

30 day free trial no credit cards

Single tenancy & secure personal SSL certificate

Ticket Logging

Fuss-free tickets

With just the right number of fields for you to record your customers’ issues or requests. Tikkety is the quick and easy helpdesk tool for logging and then resolving support tickets.
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Manage customer data with ease

With Tikkety it is easy to load your customers. Now, when you log a ticket you can pick the customer each time they raise a new issue.
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Record your products

Add your product list into Tikkety so that you can log issues and requests against all the products you provide or service. Tell me more

Answers at your fingertips

Tikkety's knowledgebase enables you to store previously reported problems along with their resolutions or workarounds. Tell me more

Go with the flow

Your Tikkety workflow is set up ready for you. Use the workflow to tell you the current state of your tickets. Tell me more

Stats for grabs

Your Tikkety system includes an easy go to dashboard to get a visual display of the current state. The charts show the breakdown of tickets by Type, Status and people. Tell me more

Mobile Friendly

Log tickets on the go with Tikkety. Tikkety's mobile helpdesk allows engineers to access, log and update tickets on the move. Tell me more

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