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Tikkety News

The Joy of SaaS!

January / 2018

SaaS helpdesks like Tikkety are proving to be a popular way to go for organisations all over the world. The benefits of choosing a customer support tool in the cloud for many businesses outweigh those of an on-site system. Some of these benefits include:

Tikkety Launched at Smarter Business Tech Live

November / 2017

Smarter Business Tech Live was held at Manchester Central this month. We hit the road to take Tikkety for its maiden voyage! There were some really interesting talks at the show, including Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham speaking about the importance of technical skill development and Manchester's digital agenda. We had lots of visitors to the Tikkety stand over the course of the two day event, and the software received lots of great feedback! Particulary popular features included:

Tikkety's look and feel. We received excellent feedback on Tikkety's slick, user-friendly interface.

Out-of-the-box setup. With Tikkety, all you need is the link to your unique system, so it's really quick and easy to get started.

Monthly subscriptions. Flexible monthly subscriptions mean that you don't have to commit for ages, so you can come and go as you please!

Tikkety is here!

October / 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have officially launched our new software tool for the effective management of Customer Support issues and requests, all from just £5 a month!

“We wanted to create a Ticket Logging tool that is modern, user-friendly, and above all affordable” Pete, Tikkety’s front-end developer explained. “Tikkety is accesible for businesses large and small who need a better way of managing customer support issues. We have also found that our flexible monthly contracts are a huge bonus for companies, as there are no long-term commitments required.”

Here at Tikkety, we wanted to keep things simple, so there is one price for all Tikkety systems! £5 per agent per month gets you:

So what makes Tikkety different from other customer support software tools like Zendesk, Zoho and Freshdesk? Well with Tikkety, a completely unique instance is created for your company, and is hosted at EU/UK Microsoft Azure Datacentres. When your unique instance is created, you can add your team, users and products, and you’re ready to go! Tikkety’s Cloud out-of-the-box configuration is available to simply sign-in via the free trial button on our website.

Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at support@tikkety.io.

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