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Just the Tikkety!

Tikkety has been designed to be an easy to use, Cloud-based helpdesk tool for logging, prioritising and resolving customer support tickets.

It’s all ready to go! Just click Get Started to sign up for your Tikkety system.

This is your very own, separate system; it’s not shared with anyone else! Hosted using Microsoft® Azure on a UK/EU datacenter.

You don’t have to worry about data backups – we will do that for you every day. And we will keep your system up to date with fixes and new features.

Out and about?  You can still update your tickets with our web app.

So, what’s next?  Click Get Started and enter your email address. Once you’ve verified, your unique Tikkety instance is ready to use. Give it a go, add some customers, log some tickets. You have a free trial period and then after that there is a monthly charge managed using Stripe®

You might like to check out our privacy statement.

Keep your business ticking

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